Salt Creek County (2008)

Director : Adam Galassi
Genre : Drama
Cast : Tyler Bohne as Softball Coach, Christopher Lee Brown as Devon Colby, Chad Fess as Terry Nailer, Eric Gebow as Father Connor, Will Johnson as Clive Colby, Cheryl Kujawinski as Melody Crawford, David Marcotte as Sheriff Townes, Sara Mathers as Lou Crawford, Andrea Mustain as Lady in White, Tahmus Rounds as Raymond Colby, Stephen Sonneveld as Daddy Nailer, Zacharia Spaulding as Denim, Matthew Napier Sullivan as Runner, Patrick Zielinski as Deputy Whittits
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Language : English
Fifteen life ago Raymond Colby claimed he was picked unsleeping with taken in esoteric places by a full-size bird, he was after that dyed-in-the-wool to the Salt Creek County emotional home…
Fifteen time ago Raymond Colby claimed he was picked unsleeping along with conveyed somewhere else by a gigantic bird, he was subsequently dedicated to the Salt Creek County perceptual home. After fifteen time removed from the petty town Raymond finds himself fraught to influence his category along with the local group that his "giant bird" take on was inside the comprehensive story real.

Salt Creek County (2008)
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