Rufus (2012)

Director : Dave Schultz
Genre : Drama
Cast : Rory J. Saper as Rufus, Merritt Patterson as Tracy, Richard Harmon as Clay, Tom Carey as Chet, Nancy Sorel Kim Coates as Aaron Van Dusen, David James Elliott as Hugh Wade, Christina Jastrzembska as Louise Kettle, Kelly Rowan as Jennifer Wade
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Country : Canada
Language : English
Rufus is a shy furthermore abandoned boy unwavering to style one more start. Sure he has diverse quirks. So no matter what if he likes the experience of blood…
Rufus is a shy as at any rate as abandoned boy strong-minded to style another start. Sure he has various quirks. So what on earth if he likes the suffer of blood? It`s not comparable to he`s addicted. When a devious vampire scavenger slips into town browsing because the fountain of youth, Rufus prospects his darkest covert is on the guide of engagement revealed.

Rufus (2012)
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