Ripples (2009)

Director : Marc Williams
Genre : Drama
Cast : Ron Rogell as James, Danielle Pivetta as Janet, Matt Drago as Jason, Suzie Vale as Grace, Alfred E. Rutherford as Tyrell, Paul C. Kelly as Othello, Marc Williams as Glenn, Jose Laureiro as Eddie, Marla Yost as Nancy, John DeMartino III as Ken, Kali Weeks as Glasses Man, Alex Pasieka as Alex, Vincent DiGeronimo as Ernie, Dayle Pivetta as Squeaky Woman, Mike Cinquino as Stuffy Man
Run Time : USA:95 min
Filming Locations : Long Island, New York, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
In this world, not a soul is a stranger. In “Ripples,” eleven people`s lives are transformed for the motive that more proficient or for the motive that worse…
In this world, nobody is a stranger. In "Ripples," eleven people`s lives are shifted as more proficient or as worse. The flick is group inside New York, a location where it`s likely to live as 80 days along with under no circumstances notice the matching personality twice. The account begins as soon as Janet, a tender woman, witnesses the dreadful demise of her boyfriend, Ken. Following the accident, she`s demanded her appraise of the event by undercover agent James Harrison, a crude person who has a pocket sized draw close on his job, except is helplessly viewing his matrimony hap apart. James` estranged wife, Grace, learns she has grow to be pregnant, except hesitates sooner than allowing for him familiar with the fine news. Over the after year, Janet glimmers two latest relationships; solitary as well as her latest neighbor, Jason along with an added as well as a fraught artiste noted Othello. While struggling to run across a casting audition, Othello brackets an unplanned friend, Tyrell, a psychiatrist who feels no tenderness as his own patients. Unknowingly, this come upon can pilot to an occasion that can eternally rework the lives of James along with Glenn, a bartender at a local establishment. "Ripples" asks the question, is continuation freewill or destiny?

Ripples (2009)
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