Punto de partida (2011)

Director : Manuel Venegas
Genre : Drama, Family
Cast : Carlos Graves as Bar Owner, Monica Illanes as Carmen, Claudio Lillo as Juan, Carlos Martinez as Jose, Tatiana Mendez as Bar Owner Daughter, Dania Morales as Soledad Taxi Driver, Jorge Muñoz as Manolo Bar Tender, Pabla Oelckers as The Death, Sergio Schmied as Domingo the Wanderer, Violeta Vidaurre as Suegra
Run Time : 84 min
Country : Chile
Language : Spanish
Starting lead is a movie fancy Chilean urban folklore making it varying philosophies once we are in the flesh as well as death…
Starting guide is a picture loves Chilean urban folklore being along peculiar philosophies whilst we are nose to nose as well as death, a striking grown-up sallow dressed also no shoes trudging inside life. Three cardinal praxis confessing the unchanged panorama (real survival world) also intuitive feeling friendliness inside peculiar ways, as well as a common route of life: loneliness. The picture is a combination of dreams, flashbacks also premonitions, where Jose, cardinal personality also his comrade Juan also Domingo, a wanderer, notice the kicking of the bucket inside an accident. the three personality undergo peculiar reactions. One play away, the varied remains tranquil also the varied desires to engagement taken. Finally kicking of the bucket takes out the exact ones.