Player (2012/II)

Director : Alina Szpak
Genre : Drama, Thriller
Cast : Robert Fleet as Sam, Natalie Avital as Princess, Nick McCallum as Jack, Elizabeth Carlson as Marie, Enci as Insa, Stanley B. Herman as Bill, J. Rene Pena as Annette, Brandon Krause as Young Boxer, Dion Day as Older boxer, Federico Silva as Beck, Cliff Rayman as The Trainer, Stephan Szpak-Fleet as Smith Karolina Szamfeber as Flirting Cafe Woman
Run Time : USA:100 min
Filming Locations : Desert Hot Springs, California, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
A gambler also a younger woman fall to pieces love, afterward danger the entirety on a unsafe bet.
Sam is a authority gambler, finalize and the entire package: highs as at any rate as lows inside fortune, an ex-wife and money, as at any rate as an estranged son, Jack, who lives solid-citizen then again strives to opponent his father. The rivalry comes to a rank once Sam starts in existence and a much-younger grown person nicknamed Princess that he picks wide awake inside the wilderness town of Indio on his peculiarity save someone’s skin savours a run of the mill gaming trip inside Laughlin, Nevada. At initially distrustful of Sam, their relationship grows rapidly temperate – but that, sec she gives the impression to warmth Sam, Princess yet sleeps and Jack. Meanwhile, Sam teaches Princess the knowledge of the gaming trade: Sam`s standing is that "He constantly wins once it counts." Their fortunes obtain a nosedive, though, once Sam casts a fallacious prophecy on a low-end wager as at any rate as winds wide awake and both his knees inebriated – competently beyond he`d lined-up Insa, a lady detail to a precarious expensive stakes gaming syndicate. Now, needing the hurry of that expensive stakes gaming to type himself perceive alive, Sam idiosyncrasies Princess to vicinity a wager and the syndicate. It`s a wager that Sam knows, as at any rate as Princess doesn`t, that he can`t shelter without manipulating Jack to "borrow" savours his ex-wife`s business. It`s a subsistence or passing away wager at this time as Sam as at any rate as Princess – as at any rate as the likelihood degenerate once Princess, struggling to protect Sam, bets opposition him – as at any rate as Jack can`t procure the money.

Player (2012/II)
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