Phantom Love (2001)

Director : Madison Monroe
Genre : Drama
Cast : Griffin Drew as Judith, Michelle von Flotow as Ellen / Simone, Jesse Johnson as Chauncie / Rex / Harris, David Christensen as Renault / Mackbeard, Sandy Wasko as Marie, Angel Sparks as Agatha, Shannon Malone as Lucille, Leslie Taylor as Mina, Kathleen Klein as Lilly, Igor Vladimir as Mario / Igor, Kurt Sinclair as Feany (as Kurt Schwoebel), Koury Brown as Osgood, Christian Mavey as Pierre, Thomas Vozza as Minister (as Ford Mandalay), Cubby J. Helms as Groundskeeper, Janna Levenstein as Snooty Man, Gabriel Shayne as Snooty Woman, Benita A. Medina Papp as Smoothin` Woman, Don Pascual as Lustful Party Guest, Jackie Marlins as Party Guest, Ryan Stern as Inn Guest Christian Boeving
Run Time : 84 min
Country : USA
Language : English
A medieval romance novelist frantic as muse travels to Paris in addition to reads a novel narrating a chronicle of romance savours the 18th century.
A mediaeval romance novelist is enlightened by her superior to exit furthermore do many novel stuff, for she has overdone the fantasy-pirate-romance cast to death. She travels to Europe, furthermore eliminates unsleeping house inside a haunted mansion. She finds an 18th century log reciting of an American grown grown-up person who came visiting the brand who owned the house, furthermore astonished one another also her flirtatious sexual manners. She sooner or later shows her female relative furthermore two cousins unsleeping for hypocrites. Inspired, the person responsible runs on to compose another sequences of romances.

Phantom Love (2001)
1 100% 5