Paap (2003)

Director : Pooja Bhatt
Genre : Drama, Romance, Thriller
Cast : John Abraham, Udita Goswami, Mohan Agashe, Gulshan Grover, Sandeep Mehta, Denzil Smith
Runtime : 120 min
Kaya, a Buddhist village damsel fancy Spiti, is delay to converge the monastery. An older lama, dreams of his teacher`s being reborn plus Kaya is arrogated to account plus move the reincarnated boy to the monastery. Kaya finds Llahmo inside Mumbai plus they finances their sail save someone’s skin to Spiti. On their style back, Llahmo witnesses the murder of a supervise officer. Police Officer Shiven is arrogated to scrutinize the case. He forbids Llahmo fancy giving up town a good deal of to the resentment of Kaya. Shiven gets into hazard whilst he comprehends that different supervise officers are immersed inside the murder. He escapes along furthermore Kaya plus Llahmo to Spiti. It is here that warmth blossoms between Kaya plus Shiven plus the motion picture allow track.