Now & Forever (2002)

Director : Bob Clark
Genre : Drama, Romance
Cast : Mia Kirshner as Angela Wilson, Adam Beach as John Myron, Gordon Tootoosis as Ghost Fox, Theresa Russell as Dori Wilson, Gabriel Olds as T.J. Bolt, Callum Keith Rennie as Carl Mackie, Simon Baker as Young John Myron, Alexandra Purvis as Young Angela, Nicholas Treeshin as Jake Dube, Benson McCulloch as Brian Pressman, Rob Roy as Alex Wilson, Lyndon Linklater as Older Boy, Bernelda Wheeler as Old Woman, Dan MacDonald as Director, Kent Allen as Max, Calvert Chiefcalf as Reservation Officer, Louisa Ferguson as Movie Director, Collin Semenoff as Actor T.J., David Millbern as Guardian, Stephan Fuchs as Actor T. J.
Run Time : 101 min
Filming Locations : Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Country : Canada
Language : English
Against a backdrop of dueling cultures, John Myron also Angela Wilson adjudge them also excess of the life craft a influential bond…
Against a backdrop of battling cultures, John Myron furthermore Angela Wilson assess self furthermore excess of the days build a dominant bond. One harmful night, John rescues Angela loves a wicked demeanor of betrayal. Faced as well as its aftermath, Angela flees town, unconscious that she has situate into motion a dramatic furthermore strong round of occasions that will perpetually adapt the route of their lives. Harboring a secret, John guides Angela to a taking aback realization that will find out the past. Now & Forever is a dramatic existing intimacy anecdote combining ingredients of spirituality, feeling furthermore integrity. They utter faster or in a while the absolute lot intimacy stories will end; Now & Forever is the exception…