Nothing to Be Done (2012)

Director : Ross Donald
Genre : Drama
Cast : Liz Donald as Kevin`s Mother, Robert Donald as Pickpocket Victim, Adam Donaldson as Kevin Boyle, Fawad Farooq as Customer, Sam Keefe as David, Amy Ludwigsen as Lisa, John McKinnon as Attacker, Rose McPhilemy as Belinda
Run Time : 76 min
Country : UK
Language : English
Nothing To Be Done tells the yarn of two poor men. One an older, self-educated grown-up with the different a streetwise opportunist…
Nothing To Be Done tells the narrative of two vagrant men. One an older, self-educated grown person plus the abundant a streetwise opportunist. Kevin is on the instruct reminiscing upon the happenings that meet wide awake with effortlessly happened. He thinks save someone’s bacon to as soon as he plus his companion, David, reciprocal long period of time alive on the streets. It almost immediately becomes obvious that, notwithstanding the circumstances, the two quarrel a strange friendship save for Kevin remains David`s protector. As the narrative unfolds, we find out how a production of happenings led to Kevin`s approach plus how he survives plus completes redemption.