Northern Comfort (2010)

Director : Rod Webber
Genre : Drama
Cast : Rod Webber as Horace, Greta Gerwig as Cassandra, Joseph James Bellamy as Owen, Irina Peligrad as Denise, Markus Nechay as Lived Alone In The Woods, Matthew D. Ferrel as Believed in Legislation, Jose Ramos as Played A Good Game Of Chess, Robert Koch as Tried To Catch The Big Fish, Tim Brenner as Knew The Way To The North, Jamison Flannery as Stood Guard By The Pool, David T. Grophear as Gave Cassandra A Ride
Plot : Two strangers’ modes crisscross because they product their habit toward Canada.
Run Time : 75 min
Country : USA
Company : Rod Webber Productions

Northern Comfort (2010)
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