Nederdood (2012)

Director : Vincent Bouritius
Genre : Drama, Horror
Cast : Marion Mostert as Herself, Danny Lavie as Himself, Robert Neugebauer as Himself, Edo Brunner as Himself, Dashley van Balen as Himself, Pim Ottenhof as Himself, Roxanne Geway as Herself, Arie Mol as Himself, Ralph Da Silva as Himself, Caitlin de Ruyter as Herself Erik Jasper Spithoven as Zombie, Merel Spithoven as Zombie, Robin van der Steen as Zombie, Jan-Willem Vos as Giant Zombie
Run Time : 70 min
Filming Locations : Netherlands
Country : Netherlands
Language : Dutch
A odd virus has breached out way over the cool village Rozenburg. The rationale is similarly unknown,which…
A strange virus has breached out way over the tranquil village Rozenburg. The motive is also unknown,which ensures that a huge fraction of the populace is invigorated like the dead. Some survivors are secluded inside a house, a consummate month. They survive many single nutrient excluding truly should start to acquire conduct to live to inform the tale once there is no extra food.