Mother`s Milk (2012/I)

Director : Edward Pionke
Genre : Drama, Thriller
Cast : Casey Chapman as Claude Rainer, Mackenzie Wiglesworth as Kim Rodgers, Scott Anderson as David, Bree Michaels as Miss Jacobs, Vanessa Hughes as Claude`s Mother, Jaden Klein as Young Claude, Dennis Rowe as Ralph the Bartender, Gregg Wright as Policeman 1, Jeannie Giannone as Woman in Bar 1, Jamie Bragg as Woman in Bar 2, Robert McConnell as Claude`s Mother`s Boyfriend, Nicole Keating as First Victim, Laura Taylor as Kim`s Sister
Run Time : 133 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Claude is a university facts and figures professor and a shadowy side. Kim is the infantile person of mature age he kidnaps to gratify his dysfunctional needs…
Claude is a university facts and figures professor plus a mysterious side. Kim is the small mature person he kidnaps to assure his dysfunctional needs. In this mental thriller, intimacy develops between a psychopath as in any case as his captive. The simmering organization boils way over because they switch inexorably to a orgasm that will eternally revise each of their lives.

Mother`s Milk (2012/I)
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