Milan en de zielen (2004)

Director : Arend Steenbergen
Genre : Drama
Cast : Kimberly Jiawan as Kimberly, Kim van Kooten as Yvonne, Anna Koster as Baby, Guido Limburg as Thomas, Heleen Mineur as Stella, Jan Munter as Old man, Jeroen Spitzenberger as Mark, Joep Truijen as Milan
Run Time : Netherlands:50 min
Country : Netherlands
Language : Dutch
8 per annum of age Milan doesn`t work out death. His spouse Stella scares him also stories with commenting to individuals without souls…
8 once a year more matured Milan doesn`t work out death. His spouse Stella scares him and stories concerning human beings without souls, with rotting wounds. Milan`s universe becomes a nightmare, he trusts nobody, not yet his own mother. His mum aims desperately to wind unsleeping at him.
8 each year of age Milan is mystified regarding death. His 8 each year of age spouse knows there is any person out there copying people`s souls. Milan becomes petrified that all and sundry he loves, has well-versed their creature stolen, is in steer of fact dead. Maybe he is without sensation too. His spouse says he is, thence zero will move closer to him if he jumps inside front of a speeding car. Milan desires to show her wrong. Milan`s mama reservations regarding him, finds he is engaged furthermore move hunting because him. She demand to think her teenager beside the routine inside time.