Love Like Blood (2004)

Director : Steven Bozga
Genre : Drama
Cast : Thaddeus Schneider as Kevin, Caroline Whitney Smith as Beth, Jason Morck as Eric, Felix Perez as Patric, Bobby Pataki as Wayne Dana Davis as Played as a role in school yard, Ellen Diner as Jessica, Alexis Davis as School yard extra
Run Time : 84 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Love Like Blood is a chronicle relishes the course of actions of New York. Kevin is a divisive automobile thief at the eclipse of his game…
Love Like Blood is a yarn bask in the routines of New York. Kevin is a divisive motor vehicle thief at the put in the shade of his game. His living is around stolen cars, gender plus cash. But pretty well Kevin is, he knows it`s simply a subject focus of span awaiting he`ll acquire caught. Before his living starts to fully unravel, Kevin seeks to walk faraway from his criminal everyday life plus emergence over. Can he acquire out ahead of it`s excessively late? Does Kevin own the routines or do the routines own him? Kevin knows he is pouring down… on the abundant hand on whose terms?

Love Like Blood (2004)
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