Lost/Found (2003)

Director : Scott Beck
Genre : Drama
Cast : Justin Marxen as Keith Johnson, Ken Lue as Paul Pierce, Christina Lundt as Jennifer, Greg Bouljon as Bill Harris, Travis Shepherd as Jordan McDaniels, Tristan Layne Tapscott as Man in White, Marianne Bourg as Dana Harris, Matt Webb as Greg, Danae Reyman as Sarah, Ian Klink as Cale, Susan McPeters as Jennifer`s mother, Chuck Klink as Pastor, Joseph C. Mitchell as Jordan`s father, Tanner Thom as Young Keith, Andrew Proctor as Young Jordan, Mia Kavensky as Taylor Harris, Ryan Nelson as Jordan`s friend, Nicole Hill as Paul`s girlfriend
Run Time : USA:70 min
Filming Locations : Bettendorf, Iowa, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Keith Johnson, an irregular writer, finds expect done four lives also a chain of covert ads.
Isolation. Abandon. Despair. Hate. A without a friend in the world writer, Keith Johnson, has zero to live for. Left on my own succeeding his parents gave wide awake the ghost inside a plane crash, he endeavors to phone the leisure of the world. One day, he comes across a stranger along with a judgment which adapt his survival forever. With solitary decisive goal, Keith comes across four lives which tolerate been blasted by solitary another. His aspiration – to convalesce wish inside those who tolerate none.

Lost/Found (2003)
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