Lollipop Monster (2011)

Director : Ziska Riemann
Genre : Drama
Cast : Jella Haase as Ariane, Sarah Horvath as Oona, Nicolette Krebitz as Kristina, Thomas Wodianka as Lukas, Sandra Borgmann as Marie, Rainer Sellien as Volker, Fritz Hammel as Boris, Janusz Kocaj as Konas, Koffi Kôkô as Baron, Nikeata Thompson as Jacky, Rafael Stachowiak as Karakal, Andreas Windhuis as Arzt, Sybille J. Schedwill as Sportlehrerin, Luci Van Org as Kunstlehrerin Jan Erik Engel as Gregor, Lilli Meinhardt as Lena, Murali Perumal as Psychologe, Imge ünlü as Miriam
Run Time : 90 min
Filming Locations : Cologne, North Rhine – Westphalia, Germany
Country : Germany
Language : German | English
Ari furthermore Oona. Two 15-year-old girls, two dysfunctional families. Absolute opposites furthermore furthermore by many means similar…
Ari also Oona. Two 15-year-old girls, two dysfunctional families. Absolute opposites also further by miscelanneous means similar. No solitary listens, nobody hears. Ari feels she is misunderstood also compensates since this by making sexual activity and alien men; Oona expresses the cramp excess of her dear father`s suicide prepared self-mutilation also morbid drawings. Opposites attract. Ari is a blonde who paints herself wakeful resembling a canary, Oona like stuffs since black since night. Their unlikely friendship helps each other continue to exist the hypocrisy of their families. Ari at prolonged last gains miscelanneous form of self-respect, also Oona learns to exhaust her pain. Then something happens that threatens their friendship at its highly roots…. The scope of the debuting director`s fruitful concerns is plain both inside the amalgamation of cinematic tools that ornament the narration (animated passages, amateur picture recordings, music videos), with inside the artistic stylization, which right away references her grounding inside comics.