Last Resort (2000)

Director : Pawel Pawlikowski
Genre : Drama, Romance
Cast : Dina Korzun as Tanya, Artyom Strelnikov as Artyom, Paddy Considine as Alfie, Steve Perry as Les (as Lindsey Honey), Perry Benson as Immigration Officer, Katie Drinkwater as Katie, Dave Bean as Frank, Adrian Scarborough as Council Official, David Auker as 2nd Council Official, Bruce Byron as Police Officer, Jim Trevellyan as Station Guard, Marcus Redwood as Cafe Owner, Zoe Sharpe as Gang Girl, Daniel Mobey as Danny
Run Time : 73 min
Filming Locations : Margate, Kent, England, UK
Country : UK
Language : English | Russian
When a little Russian mature woman also her child exit Moscow to meet up her fiancé, who fails to enter up, she broadcasts dogmatic asylum.
Tanya arrives inside London as well as her youngster Artyom, awaiting to engagement run into by her boyfriend. When he doesn`t arrive plus immigration desires to send her save someone’s bacon to Russia, she asks since radical asylum to acquire different time. She has no information that this will consign one another since leastwise a every year to a confinement center, a fenced "city" occuring an lonesome seaside bliss park. Once there, accomplishing her boyfriend will on no account second her, she simply desires to go away home, nevertheless chickening out the petition since asylum takes out months. She`s showed up by pornographers inviting her to strip on file since cash; she`s befriended by Alfie, a salesperson at a convenience grocery store at the center. She`s a dreamer; no matter what could she do?

Last Resort (2000)
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