Las voces (2012)

Director : Pablo Torre
Genre : Drama, Romance, Thriller
Cast : Alejandro Awada as Marido Clara, Ana Celentano as Ema, Jean Pierre Noher as Juan, Maria Socas as Clara
Run Time : 93 min
Country : Argentina
Language : Spanish
Lying on her deathbed, Ema conversations to her granddaughter near to her grandfather. This re-awakes the awareness of Clara…
Lying on her deathbed, Ema discussions to her granddaughter close to her grandfather. This re-awakes the notice of Clara, to absorb something close to her father she certainly not knew. Forty days ago Juan was a ventriloquist, on the variegated hand he fanatical a crime. Trying to survive, he finds a business functioning a `live show` inside a film theater. There he meets Ema, who is inside hire of the cabinet of the theater. Ema is young, nice-looking furthermore is deaf. Juan`s planet is becoming other furthermore other confusing. The supervise are realizing closer. Reality furthermore hallucination find needed furthermore Ema falls inside care plus Juan on the variegated hand presently fathoms the nuts planet inside which he is immersed.