Krews (2010)

Director : Hilbert Hakim
Genre : Drama
Cast : Brian Geraghty as Henry McFarlin, Jonathan Cake as Peter Spanbauer, Faune A. Chambers as Tamara (as Faune Chambers), Sam Jones III as Wishbone, Charles Malik Whitfield as Rebob, Ty Hodges as Slate, Charles Robinson as Mr. Davis, Marcuis Harris as Python, Khleo Thomas as Tom Tom, China Anderson as Donaleen, Christian Duguay as Cop, Pedro Miguel Arce as Guatemalan #2, Enrique Almeida as Guatemalan #1, Paul D. Roberts as Reporter Scott Kamran, Kalena Knox as Neighbor Woman, Parvesh Cheena as Liquor Store Cashier, Colter Allison as Liquor Store Cop, Jeff Lam as Vietnamese Gang Member #1, Chani Nicholas as Flight Attendant, Christina Ferraro as Newspaper Girl, Katelin Chesna Henke as Ticket Agent (as Katelin Chesna), Ethan Wilde as Customs Agent, Monti Sharp as Black Cop, Aldo Gonzalez as Guatemalan gangster #3, Fitz Houston as Neighbor Man, Michael Ray Reed as Police Officer
Plot : A botched car-jacking forces two white-collar criminals to get shelter inside the marital of the thugs that accosted them…
Run Time : 105 min
Country : USA
Company : KH Krews Productions

Krews (2010)
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