Khap (2011)

Director : Ajai Sinha
Genre : Drama, Thriller
Cast : Raj Arjun as Chander, Mohnish Bahl as Madhur Chaudhary, Yuvika Chaudhry as Ria M. Chaudhary, Aakash Dahiya as Veer, Sarrtaj Gill as Kush J. Mitter (as Sarrtaj), Govind Namdeo as Daulat Singh, Alok Nath as Professor, Manoj Pahwa as Sukhiram, Anuradha Patel as Komal M. Chaudhary, Om Puri as Omkar Singh Chaudhary, Shammi as Masterni, Nivedita Tiwari as Sureeli
Run Time : 125 min
Country : India
Language : Hindi | Haryanvi | English
Human rights workforce come upon obstacles moment examining killings inside current secular India.
Khap,a current fairy-tale of traditional massacre opens inside the resources where two youths Ria also Kush crumble love. Meanwhile information channels highlight the bereavement of Veer also Surili,who are considered deadened inside Omkar Chaudhary`s village.Ria has no advice that Omkar is her grandfather.Madhur, Ria`s father,had disappeared his native village attributable to variation along furthermore Omkar excess of the ruthless pratha (tradition) of give a medal to killings, Madhur is chosen to take a charge to look into the suspicious deaths of immature Veer also surili. Torn between his warmth since his teenager also his tough impression inside the pratha, Omkar pledges Madhur that he may well place an entire to these ruthless killings.
After witnessing brutality at the men of his Sajodh-based widower father, Omkar Singh Chaudhary, Madhur re-locates to Delhi together with his wife, Komal, plus daughter, Ria. Sixteen existence later, Ria is nowadays inside college, little bit he is an Investigator in addition to `Human Rights`. He is required to journey to his Haryana village to research the speculated suicide of a couple, Veer plus Surili. The locals, as anyhow as the fathers of the couple, Daulat Singh plus Sukhiram respectively, own wide awake to that the duo responded to assassinated themselves, plus are not attracted inside pursuing this matter. Investigators adjudge that the deaths are one among lots of that submit to conveyed vicinity inside a community that is likewise rebound by Khap Panchayat. It dictates that couples cannot marry remote relations nor may well they submit to an inter-caste/inter-religious conjugal relationship in addition to impunity since police/politicians reject to meddle inside this centuries-old outlawed custom. As he delves also into this issue, he winds up someone attacked, is hospitalized plus afterwards passes away. Komal plus Ria switched over inside in addition to Omkar plus ultimately peaceful gulp inside the seemingly diplomatic village. Omkar finds out Ria is inside warmth in addition to fellow-collegian, Kush, the youngster of South Africa-based Jagmohan plus Saroj Mitter, plus arranges their marriage. After the duo go back indulge in their honeymoon, they will adjudge self pitted opposed to the consummate group succeeding the Masterni unlocks a hush hush indulge in their respective pasts.

Khap (2011)
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