Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean (2011)

Director : Matthew Mishory
Genre : Drama
Cast : James Preston as James Dean, Dan Glenn as The Roommate, Dalilah Rain as Violet, Edward Singletary as Roger, Clare Grant as Beverly, Robert Gant as The Famous Director, Rafael Morais as João, Edgar Morais as Franco, Erin Daniels as The Roommate`s Mother, Elizabeth Hirsch-Tauber as Claudia, Annie McCain Engman as European Dilettante, Brendan Lamb as The Swimmer, Travis Greer as Truman Capote, Clint Catalyst as The Bartender / Johnny, David Pevsner as The Acting Teacher, Nick Heyman as The Boy on the Beach, Sam Garfield as The Young Actor / Harvey (as Samuel Garfield), Darri Ingolfsson as James DeWeerd, Christopher Higgins as Arthur Rimbaud, Ian Patrick Anderson as The Diver, Kathrin Smirke as The Starlet, Michael Rubenstone as Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Carlton Chase as Ethel Dean / Jimmy`s Stepmother, Cheyanne Gustason as European Dilettante, Tony Herbert as The Officer, Shannon Roberts as Nightclub Dancer, Jay Donnell as Preston, Robert Zimmer Jr. as The Butler, Clifton Snider as The Dapper Diner, Jeff Harnar as The Nightclub Singer, Judd Hardy as UCLA Student, Troy Kelly as The Gentleman, Brian Boyd as The Bright Young Thing, William Kauffman as Winton Dean, Heather Jade Parks as Extra
Plot : Plot not found!!
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Company : Iconoclastic Features