Janeane from Des Moines (2012)

Director : Grace Lee
Genre : Drama
Cast : Michele Bachmann as Herself, Jill Bartlett as Anne, Zachary Barton as Laura, Amanda Biers-Melcher as Bar Patron, Diane Burke as Tea Party Patriot, Herman Cain as Himself, Jennifer Courtney as Janeane`s Boss, Elizabeth Dennehy as Bible Study Group, Kyle DiFulvio as Bar Patron, Lou DiMaggio as Tea Party Speaker #1, Jimmy Dore as Tea Party Patriot, Cindy Drummond as Friend in Park #1, Mark Fite as Janeane`s Brother, Kim Fitzgerald as Co-worker #1, Maile Flanagan as Amy, Betsy Foldes as Bar Patron, Loretta Fox as Doctor, Stirling Gardner as Dean, Newt Gingrich as Himself, Mabyn Gorman as Tea Party Patriot, Cheryl Elizabeth Grant as Tara, Amalia Holl as Tea Party Patriot, Laura House as Bar Patron, Sharon Houston as Bible Study Group, Nosmo King as Friend in Park #2, Grant Langston as Tea Party Singer, Cheryl Lindsay as Bar Patron, Anna Lotto as Tea Party Patriot, Jessica Lotto as Tea Party Patriot, Richard Lucas as Tea Party Patriot, Gary Lucy as Bar Patron, Bernadine Manofsky as Tea Party Patriot, Mary Manofsky as Darla, Robert Manofsky as Tea Party Patriot, Carol Mansell as Bible Study Group, Jane Mason as Tea Party Patriot, Kris McGaha as Tea Party Speaker #2, Elizabeth McInerney as Tea Party Patriot (as Ebbie Parker), Kelie McIver as Tea Party Patriot, Steve Melcher as Bar Patron, Melanie Merkosky as Lissi Wilson, Francisco Miralles as Bar Patron, Pablo Miralles as Bar Patron, David Muir as Himself, Michael Oosterom as Fred Wilson, Ron Paul as Himself (as Rep. Ron Paul), Anita Perry as Herself, Rick Perry as Himself, Alison Quinn as Woman on Answering Machine, Ralph Reed as Himself, Sam Riegel as Sam, Mitt Romney as Himself, Rick Santorum as Himself, Diane Sawyer as Herself, Judith Shelton as Co-worker #2, Sarah Stanley as Tea Party Singer, David Starzyk as Tea Party Patriot, Steve Tatham as Tea Party Patriot, Jim Turner as Bar Patron, Ned Van Zandt as Tea Party Patriot, David Willis as Tea Party Patriot, Jane Edith Wilson as Janeane Wilson
Run Time : 78 min
Filming Locations : Iowa, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
In the run-up to the 2012 Iowa Caucuses, a local conservative housewife strives rejoinder fancy the Republican presidential candidates.