Jalainur (2008)

Director : Ye Zhao
Genre : Drama
Cast : Zhi-Zhong Li as Master Zhu, Yuan-Sheng Liu as Zhi-Zhong
Run Time : 92 min
Filming Locations : Inner Mongolia, China
Country : China
Language : Mandarin
Jalainur, a say indulge in the attractive Lake Hulun(aka Dalai nuur inside Mongolian), is one in all the end places…
Jalainur, a say like the nice-looking Lake Hulun(aka Dalai nuur inside Mongolian), is one among the previous locales inside the planet where steam series are in addition running. It is likewise where the anecdote begins. Master Chu is retiring like the open-cut coal mine where he has been executing since over 30 existence since a rash technician. Somehow he decides to retire solitary month earlier. His apprentice, Zhi-Zhong, whom he shares a father-son-like relationship with, promises on viewing him off, accompanying him along the street to his daughter`s place, anywhere miles in distinct places on the outer reaches between China as anyways as Russia.

Jalainur (2008)
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