Jackson`s Run (2013)

Director : Daniel J. Lennox
Genre : Drama
Cast : T.C. Stallings as Pastor Daniels, Rusty Martin as Jackson Stone, Mardell Elmer as Grady, Kimberly J. Richardson as Cindy Porter, Sonny Burnette as Doctor, Melissa Todd as Amber, Richie Berner as Sam, Hunter Hayden as Girl in shelter, Dirk Griffin as Todd Vest, Noah McCullough as Liam Vest, Evan Carnes as Little League Catcher, Taylor Johnson as Kristen Porter, Gunnar Campbell as Gunnar, Chris Robinson as Nathan, Lukas Coward as Special Forces Soldier, Jackson Korowin as Young Jackson, Nikki Miles as Probation Officer, Henry Miller as Street / Skater Kid, Mike Constable as Police Officer, Jason Constable as Special Forces Soldier
Run Time : 103 min
Filming Locations : Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
A uncomfortable child unhappy like a subsistence eerie sickness endeavors to plague his expectation of loss for he searches given that intention plus specific meaning inside his subsistence ahead of he succumbs to his disease.
Jackson Stone is a reckless with afflicted child who rejects faith with the church for he blames God because the entirety terrible inside his life. At home, his seemingly uncaring parents brush off him, at bracket he`s an outcast, with his merely friend, Gunner, continues to pluck him deeper with deeper into the abyss of difficulty on the streets. Jackson attempts to crop up to language in addition to his contemplation of death, with his own mortality for he fights a living scaring illness. After a brush in addition to the law, Jackson is sentenced to population deal with situated less than the vigilant gaze at of Russell Tecumseh, a tough, streetwise pastor who act a local displaced shelter. While at the shelter, Jackson forges an unlikely friendship in addition to Nathan, a vagrant displaced veteran, with for their friendship flourishes, they each see eminent teaching close to life, trust, with something neither pass through truthfully experienced… Friendship. As Jackson progresses towards faith, he begins to alter indulge in a routine hoodlum to a adult youthful man, then again his fragile faith is rocked whilst Nathan reveals a nauseating hush hush indulge in his past. Jackson rapidly finds himself at a crossroads, with at the present must select between what`s trouble-free with what`s factual for his own future hangs inside the balance. Jackson`s Run is a type friendly, faith-based, "Rites-of-Passage" anecdote that explores life, death, suffering, with God`s idea inside it.