Interludes (2012)

Director : Christopher Dorrah
Genre : Drama, Thriller
Cast : Clifton Powell as Blake, Chrystale Wilson as Kim, Leslie Drake as Rochelle, Tahiry Jose as Sare, Ray Lavender as Chris Michelle Atkins as Amy, Esther Baxter as Alexis, Constance Brown as Lisa, Tieyarn Davis as Boyfriend #1, Christopher Dorrah as Jake, Tanaria Eley as Kita, Devin Jeter as Jasmine, Maxie McClintock as Shawn (as Shatoya McClintock), Curtis McNeil as Todd, Kevin Precia as Anthony, Raven Raveness as Nikki, Monica Reed as Monica, Ace Tentyon as Mike, Ambrose Warren as William, Derreck Whorline as John
Run Time : 133 min
Filming Locations : Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Three incarcerated gentlemen the total story the stressful opportunities indulge in their attachment life.
Jake Morrison (Christopher Dorrah), a esteemed criminal psychiatrist, is crumpling his each day evaluate of three of his patients to his unenthusiastic sergeant. The sessions revolve just about a spy fixed inside a intimacy triangle plus his helpmate furthermore mistress; a spouse that falls inside intimacy plus his wife`s succor (Chrystale Wilson); an extravagant boyfriend that becomes disdainful to his spouse furthermore a few fraught to puzzle out if they in reality intimacy each other. Through the session Jake begins to assess his own house status plus his impassioned helpmate Sare` (Tahiry Jose) furthermore how more indiscretions would subsume his life. "Interludes" is commensurate with factual subsistence incidents furthermore is informed completed the eyes of three incarcerated mature men since they truth the demanding incidents indulge in their intimacy life. The motion picture begins plus a good judgment of loss, except on a deeper level, the motion picture is near to the complicated affairs we the entirety taste plus the kith and kin we love. It`s a thriller, furthermore the premise is that we are all, indulge in our past love to who we intimacy at this time shaped indulge in incidents that arrive at assorted show of the in- between (hence INTERLUDES). "interludes", traits Clifton Powell (Ray, Next Friday), Chrystale Wilson (Players Club, Trois), Ray Lavender (Konvict Music) furthermore Tahiry (King furthermore Smooth Magazine) furthermore is written furthermore machinated by Christopher Dorrah.

Interludes (2012)
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