Indigo Children (2012)

Director : Eric Chaney
Genre : Drama
Cast : Robert Olsen as Mark, Isabelle McNally as Christina, Christine Donlon as Jenny, Arturo Castro as Armand, Suzanne Lynch as Mark`s mother, Segal Magori as Armand`s mother, Myles MacVane as The neighbor
Run Time : 75 min
Filming Locations : New York, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
A odd gal pursues a little woman inside her novel miniature town home. Coinciding deaths in addition to a disappearance…
A baffling babe pursues a infantile mature woman inside her greenhorn tiny town home. Coinciding deaths furthermore a disappearance craft a ordinary thread between one another because they attempt also infantile intimacy furthermore bereavement far more than the channel of solitary summer.

Indigo Children (2012)
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