House with a Turret (2012)

Director : Eva Neymann
Genre : Drama
Cast : Yekaterina Golubeva, Albert Filozov, Vitalina Bibliv, Mariya Politseymako, Mikhail Veksler, Dmitriy Kobetskoy as Boy
Run Time : 80 min | 81 min
Filming Locations : Ukraine
Country : Ukraine
Language : Ukrainian
A 8-year-old boy is travelling plus his mum towards his grandfather, except their sail is stopped…
A 8-year-old boy is travelling plus his mamma towards his grandfather, nonetheless their glide is stopped as soon as the tender grown man dies of typhus inside an alien town, certainly because displaced in addition to inside ruins because any different on the way. However, the boy is strong-minded to depart on. Eva Neymann`s flick is a visual glide into a nation-state addressed inside snowstorm in addition to departed displaced by war. This is a neighborhood of beautiful, deserted landscapes in addition to kinsfolk weigh down by both appetite in addition to greed. The calm black-and-white sneaking suspicions came upon by Lithuanian cameraman Rimmvydas Leipus masterfully originate the environment of the Second World War`s penultimate once a year inside the Soviet Union. The photograph was according to motifs enticed fancy the autobiographical account of the matching cite by person behind in addition to screenwriter Friedrich Gorenstein, who additionally symptom the article because Tarkovsky`s Solaris.

House with a Turret (2012)
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