High Chicago (2011)

Director : Alfons Adetuyi
Genre : Drama
Cast : Colin Salmon as Sam, Karen LeBlanc as Ruth, Fulvio Cecere as Popeye, Michael Xavier as Scott, Rob deLeeuw as Garbage Eddie, Chaz Kent as Teddy, Dylan Smith as Tiny, Amber Kent as Jackie, John Robinson as Toothpick Johnny, Sebastian Pigott as The Kid, Jim Calarco as Frank, Eugene Clark as Buzz, Patrick Garrow as Terrance, Ron Tough as The Inspector, Katherine Trowell as Betty, Michael Vincent Dagostino as Union Rep, Matt Adetuyi as Darryl, Richard Barlow as Chuck, Richard Barlow as Chuck, Claudia Ferreira as Travel Agent, Sharon Brown as Helen, Kevin Hanchard as Paul
Plot : Plot not found!!
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : Canada
Company : Inner City Films

High Chicago (2011)
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