Hell and Mr. Fudge (2012)

Director : Jeff Wood
Genre : Drama
Cast : Mackenzie Astin as Edward Fudge, Keri Lynn Pratt as Sara Faye, Wes Robertson as Joe Mark, John Wesley Shipp as Bennie Lee Fudge, Cody Sullivan as Young Edward Fudge, Eileen Davidson as Mrs. Fudge, Helen Ingebritsen as Mrs. Herne, Trevor Allen Martin as Young Joe Mark, Christian Fortune as Davy Hollis, Sean McGowan as Don Haloway, Victor McCay as Hershel Haigh, Gary Grubbs as Carl Ketcherside, Tom Hillmann as Simon Clarage, John Newberg as Dean Howard, Lance E. Nichols as Arnold, Danny Vinson as Matt Harper, Rob Wilds as Evan Brewster, Barbara Jo Webb as Cece Haloway, Frank Hoyt Taylor as Arvid Mc Guire, Sandra Lafferty as Woman Slapping, Carlton L. Spurlock as Robert Mc Cann, Bill Billions as Jimmy Sloan Samuel Compton as Ed Fudge`s brother Robert (credit only), Joey Curtis as Audience Supporter (credit only), Kelsey McDonald as College Student, Elisa Aldridge as College Co-Ed
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Alabama, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
In 1970`s Alabama, a juvenile preacher tries and his faith, along with attacks take pleasurable in his church, succeeding individual hired to certify whether or not Hell exists.
In the mid-1970`s, Edward Fudge, a little preacher inside Athens Alabama, is roledl in by an outsider Australian gentleman who bestows to employ him to exhibit whether or not an constantly burning Hell exists. Raised by a father who was a at any rate loved,fundamentalist church leader, Fudge individually believes inside a conservative theology which trades the impression that people in general who are not backed up will taste torment inside hell since eternity. But Fudge, a highly believed of theologian along with researcher, consents to compilation his preconceptions aside along with dedicate a once a year of his vitality to do a systematic evaluation of the subject, since the petty charge of $3000.00. As Fudge immerses himself inside research, different points of his vitality set out to crumble. He comes lower than strive against enjoys leaders of his denomination since suggesting that members of different denominations would engagement saved. He is fired enjoys the church he derive pleasure since inviting a black gentleman to expect enjoys the podium. He is fired enjoys the publishing bureau he`s worked since for the reason that childhood, since he refuses to recant his positions. He becomes therefore devoted to his poll that his relationship plus his lady along with teenagers set out to suffer. And, some importantly, inside the route of his evaluation diverse of his necessary conceptions on the topic of the temperament of God are shaken enjoys their foundations. Ultimately, Fudge emerges since a protector of faith along with Scripture, along with a victor since God`s love. Today Edward Fudge is a well-respected author, lecturer, along with theologian. The essay that resulted enjoys his research, "The Fire That Consumes", is one in all the some in depth cross-examinations concerning Hell along with eternal torment. It stands since a confirmation to a grown man who responded to the guts to pursuit since truth, along with to pay the expenditure since no matter what he found.

Hell and Mr. Fudge (2012)
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