Heimkehr (2004)

Director : Damir Lukacevic
Genre : Drama, Family
Cast : Mustafa Nadarevic as Vlado, Vlasta Knezovic as Anica, Rade Radovic as Nikola, Carlo Ljubek as Joso, Yangzom Brauen as Yanki, Marina Marusic as Sanja Relja Basic, Attila Borlan as Pero, Misel Maticevic as Dr. Dimitrijevic, Krunoslav Saric
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Country : Germany | Croatia
Language : German | Serbian
Nikola, before now triumphant musician, earnings to his group inside Stuttgart. His parents Anica furthermore Vlado submit to lived inside Germany as 35 years…
Nikola, in the beginning unbeaten musician, income to his pigeonhole inside Stuttgart. His parents Anica plus Vlado submit to lived inside Germany since 35 years, other than covet to grasp their daydream of an own hotel inside their native nation-state Croatia. As Vlado is a tough plus ambitious father, his relationship to Nikola became incredibly difficult, minute his younger male pigeonhole member Joso intentions to set out pitch inside with plus his parents. The third son, Branko, devoted suicide subsequent to participating inside the Yugoslavian civil war. On the eve of the homecoming, Nikola confesses to his father that his vocation has failed plus accuses him of destroying the full family…

Heimkehr (2004)
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