Green (2011)

Director : Sophia Takal
Genre : Drama, Thriller
Cast : Kate Lyn Sheil as Genevieve, Sophia Takal as Robin, Lawrence Michael Levine as Sebastian, Louis Cancelmi as Dustin, Alex Ross Perry as Phillip Roth expert Robert Malone as Bill
Run Time : USA:75 min
Country : USA
Language : English
A New Yorker moves to the nation in addition to her boyfriend, where her fresh friendship causes a tangle for her better half still takes out an attention inside the woman.
Genevieve, a New York intellectual, moves to the nation in addition to her self-involved stringer boyfriend, Sebastian, spilt second he play on his hottest chore as points to sustainable farming. Bored also neglected, Genevieve turns to Robin, a executing type local, for the raison d’être that companionship. When Sebastian categories a take to each other of his own in addition to Robin, Genevieve finds herself conquered by jealousy also insecurity. Tensions mount between the two gentlemen also before long certainty also jealousy fantasy be switched over into inseparable inside this haunting consideration on the lady psyche.

Green (2011)
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