Gangsta Gangsta (2009)

Director : Dushawn Bulloch
Genre : Drama
Cast : Ozzie Blaqman as Bear, Dushawn Bulloch as Mack Ross, Andre Formey as Dre High, Louis Jest as Pac Man, Warrenda King as Trina Sims, Tomeca Mcpherson as Drea Scott, Dwayne Pinkney as Chris Cali, Lonnie Roberts as Gino Green, Ronalda Smith as Portia Stone, Akelo Stone as Kilo Grahm
Run Time : USA:133 min
Filming Locations : Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Mack has to fix between personality a relaxing survival of straightforward act furthermore a prompt survival of trials furthermore danger. His…
Mack has to set out between someone a relaxed continuation of frank toil as at any rate as a speedily continuation of trials as at any rate as danger. His resolution is convinced by his durable buddy Bear who comes conjugal take enjoyable in a jail solicit as at any rate as delicately brings Mack support into the self-destructive boulevard life.

Gangsta Gangsta (2009)
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