Fuckland (2000)

Director : José Luis Marquès
Genre : Drama
Cast : Fabián Stratas, Camilla Heaney Directed by José Luis Marquès Writing credits José Luis Marquès Diego Dubcovsky as. executive producer Edi Flehner as. producer Jonathan Perel as. executive producer Jonathan Peret as. executive producer Mariano Suez as. producer Original Music by Sergio Figueroa Cinematography by Alejandro Hartmann José Luis Marquès Guillermo Naistat Fabián Stratas Pipo Bonamino Sound Department Daniel Fainzilber as. sound Other crew Patricia Apter as. production secretary Luis Bernardez as. production assistant Production CompaniesAtomic Films S.A.CinecolorVideocolor, hints : “dogme-95,buenos-aires-argentina,argentina,independent-film” Also Known As : “F–kland” – USA (cable TV title) Runtime:Australia:85 min | UK:87 min | USA:84 min Country : Argentina Language : Spanish | English Color : Color Certification:USA:Unrated Filming Locations:Stanley, Falkland IslandsCompany : Atomic Films S.A. Trivia:Much of the dialogue between Stratas and Heaney was improvised.
Run Time : Australia:85 min | UK:87 min | USA:84 min
Filming Locations : Stanley, Falkland Islands
Country : Argentina
Language : Spanish | English
Fabián, a magician enjoys Buenos Aires, saves his change enjoys weddings, birthdays, furthermore inn mitzvahs, and…
Fabián, a magician delight in Buenos Aires, saves his capital riches delight in weddings, birthdays, as in any case as hostelry mitzvahs, as in any case as manners a privy camera to piece of writing a week-long jaunt to the Falkland Islands where he has a patriotic plan: to impregnate a British woman. If 500 Argies do this annually, the islands will presently troth overrun also kids belonging to both cultures. He spends his foremost pair of time inside Stanley doing reconnaissance, environment his sights on Camila, whom he`s foremost acknowledged inside church. He debates her conscious at an Internet café. They exit since drinks, after that dinner, after that to the notice the King penguins as in any case as a 1982 battlefield. Back home, editing his Dogma 95 film, he receives a preceding warning delight in Camila.

Fuckland (2000)
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