Five Thirteen (2013)

Director : Kader Ayd
Genre : Drama
Cast : Tom Sizemore as Glen, Avelawance Phillips as Mike, Steven Bauer as Esteban, Gary Dourdan as Clyde, Malik Barnhardt as Tre, James Russo as Agent Acevedo, Danny Trejo as El Loco, Christian Audigier as Henry, Kenneth Choi as C.I.A., Bokeem Woodbine as Nestor, Costas Mandylor as Sheriff O`Connor, Cisco Reyes as Pablo, Jimmy Jean-Louis as JJL, Ryan O`Nan as Charles, Danny Arroyo as Walter Anderson, James Duval as Reggie, Veronica Loren as Maria, David A. Stewart as British, Ksenia Lauren as Oxsana, Jennifer Ann Massey as Renee, Renaud Page as Pierrot, Omar Regan as Omar, Rene Rosado as Spanky, Karim Lasmi as Clyde`s henchman (attached), Heidi Marie Wanser as Cassie, Miguel Maïa as Mexican Gang Leader (attached), Abby Wathen as Allison, Dustin Benichou as Nicholas, Nick Faltas as Mohamed, Sonia Enriquez as Psychiatrist, David Bianchi as Afrika, Dennis L. Baker as Store Clerk, Wil Traval as Richard, Christopher Kriesa as Interrogation Detective, Strike as Strike, Russell Friedenberg as Agent Chuck Yeats, Shannon Mosley as SWAT Officer #5, Garrett Williams as Security Officer Johnson, Sueann Han as Vanessa, Mauricio Solis as Henchman, Freeman White as Sticky, Paull Cho as Mr. Cho, Cedric Magnin as Drug Addict, Kikey Castillo as El Loco`s Girlfriend, Kimberly Topper as Rachel (as Kim Topper), Vinnie Duyck as Security Guard, Orock Orock as Orock, Paul Kendall as Henchman, Ken Foxx as Swat Officer #7, Jolene Sanchez as Beautiful Colleague
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Language : English | French
In this tension-packed thriller, brothers Mike in addition to Tre come into being in enquiry of more adept lives, attempting to quit their demons at the back of given that good…
In this tension-packed thriller, brothers Mike in addition to Tre come into being looking for improved lives, aiming to withdraw their demons in the rear of as good. After individual set free take amusement in penitentiary as a offense he didn`t commit, Mike`s barely heed inside the globe is to protect his little female descendant take amusement in an unforgiving ex. But the justice that awaits him on the fashions is remote bigger than what on earth Mike skilled responded to inside prison. His more responsible buddy Tre begrudgingly concurs to single previous "delivery", striving to without charge Mike in addition to his innovative female friend take amusement in the grips of the criminal underworld. What transpires is a bananas misadventure where multiple lives unknowingly intersect, in addition to where decisions are proposed that will haunt every person forever.

Five Thirteen (2013)
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