Evidence of a Haunting (2010)

Director : Joey Evans
Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Cast : Jessica D. Fulling as Rayne Morgan, Renee Wiggins as Shelley Lander, Scott Evans as Father Will Bowden, Christopher Cassarino as Tor Johnson, Robert M. Alford as Sam Horowitz, Korin Medina as Echo Sandlewood, Audrey Elizabeth Evans as Ann, Larry Jack Dotson as Mr. Henry Brooke Cary as Alex, Chris Daly as John, Jonathan Hoop as Jersey Boy, Chere Mauldin as Mrs. Harrison, Patton Maynard as Benjamin, Audrey Wiggins as Young Rayne, Bailey Wiggins as Jesse
Run Time : 80 min
Filming Locations : Dallas, Texas, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
While inserting their veracity TV show, a side of ghost hunters acquire into the dispute of their lives for they explore the haunted tunnels deep under an archaic Texas college.

Evidence of a Haunting (2010)
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