Everywhere and Nowhere (2010)

Director : Jessica Renslow
Genre : Drama
Cast : James Brown as Sheriff, Seth Burnham as Flask Man, Amanda Chism as Missy, Samuel Nathan Hoffmire as Cullen, James as Brown, Robert McAtee as Chad, Michaela Meyers as Minna, Regina Mocey as Mrs. Ledge, Ricky Moore as Barratt Radicare, Tricia Pierce as Leala Sanders, Lisa Renée as Farren `Rennie` Ledge, Kenya White as Nancy
Run Time : USA:86 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Fulbright Scholar Rennie Ledge has been in existence the boho subsistence inside Greenwich village, on the assorted hand succeeding a three-year absence she`s determined to stopover at her home. She must relearn many subsistence instruction inside her birthplace to guide her collaborate with to her subsistence path.
Fourth of July weekend, 1959 Farren "Rennie" Ledge will go away domestic given that the initially long period of time inside 3 years. To the oddity not anything appears to vary a good deal of inside the little town of Klarmont. However, to a native following abet behind a prolonged absence, the subtle variation are shocking. Rennie, a PHD candidate in addition to Fulbright Scholar, must relearn many continuation education inside her birthplace to make certain she keeps herself on track. These education will include: following to vocabulary along furthermore her future, encountering her poetic opening in addition to accomplishing a peculiar stillness along furthermore her past. Along the means she is lent a (helping) hand to by her paramount girl friend in addition to local beautician, Leala Sanders. Her variegated adolescence friends in addition to contenders as well mess around big roles inside this dramedy. In the finish Rennie learns that she must troth convinced of herself, prior she may perhaps type her means inside the world.