Eve of Understanding (2006)

Director : Alyson Shelton
Genre : Drama
Cast : Rebecca Lowman as Donna, Susan Roberts as Vera, Jennifer Harlow as Lisa, Mark Reeb as Glenn, Tim Wrobel as Travis (as Timothy Wrobel), Henry Kana as Joe, Tom Procida as Marc, Kelly Dowdle as Tina, Kit Gwin as Ruth, Cooper Cason as Paul, Dominik Chilleri as Matthew, John Chilleri as Luke, Alli Gillespie as Rachel, Logan Brown as Benjamin, Camie Gillespie as Anne, Scott Florence as Joseph, Daniel Magill as Michael, Cynthia Brown as Lois, Bellamy Young as Cassie, John Gremillion as Russ, Jenna Craig as Leanne, Shaeri Richards as Mary, Steven Conwell as Window Washer, Angela Fisher as Window Washer, Linda J. Carter as AA Meeting Attendee (as Linda Carter), Renee Hudson as AA Meeting Attendee (as Reneé Hudson), Whit McClendon as AA Meeting Attendee, Bill Prince as AA Meeting Attendee, Carrie Roundy as AA Meeting Attendee, Will Underwood as AA Meeting Attendee
Plot : Donna, is on a stretch toward redemption delight in her past. From her family’s past. She’s sent on a use jaunt delight in Texas to Arizona to product peace…
Run Time : USA:93 min
Country : USA
Company : Open Plan Films

Eve of Understanding (2006)
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