Duck (2005)

Director : Nicole Bettauer
Genre : Drama
Cast : Buckley Sampson as Young Frances, Jim Thalman as Young Arthur, John Hawkes as Daniel at 18 (as Johnny Hawkes), Carol Mansell as Frances Pratt, Philip Baker Hall as Arthur Pratt, Larry Cedar as Mr. Janney, Starletta DuPois as Social Worker, Noel Gugliemi as Lord of the Garbage, Gary Kasper as Machine Boss, William Rocha as City Worker #1, Gene Hong as City Worker #2, Ian Lockhart as City Worker #3, Lou DiMaggio as City Worker #4, Enrique Almeida as Fireman #1, Dan Campbell as Fireman #2, Anne Etue as PET Woman, Cedric Pendleton as PET Man, Mary Pat Dowhy as Animal Control #1, Mark Brady as Animal Control #2, Tamara Bick as Police #1, Scott Galbraith as Police #2, Bill Cobbs as Norman, Nikki Crawford as Bus Driver, Kelvin Yu as Chinese Delivery Man, Joanne O`Brien as Soccer Mom, Robert Porter as Angry White Man, Aaron Christian Caine as Motorcycle Hipster, Bill Brochtrup as Leopold, John Coughlin as Jesus Freak, Gwendolyn Oliver as Addict #2, Eric Ladin as Addict #4, Loretta Fox as Addict #5, French Stewart as Jumper (as French Stewart), Amy Hill as Pedicurist, Quinby Kasch as Lost Little Girl, Suzanne Turner as Trick-or-Treater Mom #1, Francesca Adair as Server #3, Nancy Kissam as Slut Dancer, Brandon Lange, Jarret LeMaster as Party Thrower, Jill Lover as Hip Designer, Jeremy Lowe as Server #2, Keith MacKechnie as Joey, Jf Pryor as Dance Begga`, Leah Rowan as Server #1, Bridgid Sloyan as Party Barfer, Michael Edward Thomas as Stoner, Annie Burgstede as Nanny, Dassler Jimenez as Bride Costume Holloween party
Plot : In 2009, whilst Los Angeles’ end city park is closed to the public, a dispossessed mature woman — as at any rate as the duck who follows him since a mamma — seek west, on foot, on the pay attention for hose as at any rate as meaning, inside the waste that is L.A.
Run Time : 96 min
Country : USA
Company : 5 Aces Productions