Down the P.C.H. (2006)

Director : Sean Michael Beyer
Genre : Drama
Cast : Vincent Grashaw as Garrett O`Hara, Zack Bennett as Noah O`Hara, Guillermo Díaz as Doc, Lin Shaye as Wendy O`Hara, Michael Cavanaugh as Michael O`Hara, Elaine Hendrix as Samantha, Cy Carter as D.W., Aaron Himelstein as T-Boy, Kim Sapone as Lucy, Richard Riehle as Ricky, Julianne Michelle as Carrie, Jared Dorrance as Bryce, Zachary Ray Sherman as Freddie, Ray Stoney as Gordo, Will Holman as Barry, Ron McCoy as Private Investigator, Sean Michael Beyer as Amos (Lucy`s Keyboardist), Robert Grashaw as Ziggy (Lucy`s Bass Player), Vanessa McCaffrey as Ginger (Lucy`s Guitar Player), Kurt Sinclair as Harold, Connor Ross as Young Garrett, Max Knowles as Young Noah, Christopher Hodge as Construction Worker #1, Nicolas Pommier as Construction Worker #2, Todd Theman as Guy at the bar, Kyle McCaffrey as Alex, Yawar Charlie as Bartender, Jude S. Walko as Car Salesman, Matthew Luke Andrews as School Teacher (scenes deleted), Jordon Dorrance as Sean, Michael Dorrance as Sean`s Dad, Darren Jin as Drug buyer, Robert William Campbell as Low Life Guy (as Robert Campbell), Jim Johnson as Prison Deputy (as Deputy Jim Johnson), Daniel Friedman as Non-smoking guy (scenes deleted), Peter Rafelson as Recording Engineer Trevor Coppola as Bill, Palmer Scott as Car Sales Manager, Lisa Machii as Maid, Sean O`Malley as Drug user
Run Time : 95 min
Filming Locations : Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
While giving assistance to a two-year detention center sentence as presupposed healing dealing, twenty-six every year older Garrett O`Hara…
While being of manner to a two-year detention center sentence for the ground that invented remedy dealing, twenty-six each year aged Garrett O`Hara thought his politician father in addition to media-conscious mama older everything excluding disowned him. Upon his release, Garrett is gritty to find his being alive second on track, excluding as soon as his parents conduct because if nil befalled in addition to claim Garrett get back to a profession he pursued solitary to suit them, Garrett refuses, eager to interval himself savours the earlier period in addition to class a depart of it on his own. When Garrett`s teen-aged male list member Noah has gush away, in addition to might troth rank drink a frequent way of self-destruction, Mr. in addition to Mrs. O`Hara must look for do any individual a good turn savours the really youngster they just the once spinned their backs on.

Down the P.C.H. (2006)
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