Dope (2004)

Director : James Harkness
Genre : Drama
Cast : Miranda Bien-Lim as Nikki, Alison Bramich as Talahue, Maris J. Caune as Connector, Stephen Cummings as The Judge, Maria Dafnero as Tara Bear, Damir as Rooner, Nuala Hafner as TV Journalist, Scott Harrison as Sparrow, Joey Kennedy as Prosecuting Barrister, Travis McMahon as Jack, Adam Morgan as Delivery Man, Luciano Puopolo as Novello, Nathan Dean Ramsay as Russell, Anastasia Seis as Laura, Mathew Wilkinson as Jim
Run Time : Australia:90 min
Filming Locations : Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Country : Australia
Language : English
In the sinful city strategies living might engagement dangerous on the gentleman heart, furthermore inside Laura`s globe nowadays frequented by junkies…
In the sinful city characteristics continuation may possibly engagement dangerous on the gentleman heart, plus inside Laura`s universe at the present frequented by junkies, dealers, thugs plus cops, she knows, a dual of the recreation of each other that bringing wide awake the rear your family may possibly go out you given that dead. A gun-shot reverberates ready the city characteristics intertwining the destinies of everything these neglected souls;can they outrun it? Or will the essential almost affection ended wide awake at each other all? Laura is not unearthing it easy, principally while the realm is intrigued by LAW TV, the televised practice session of two cops given that viciously outshining plus infusing Trevor Lyons, a bright plus motivating soccer player; for for it turns out, Jack, her originally lover, can delicately engagement involved. JIM a snitch liquidated as well as heroin is numerous unquestionably implicated. But it is RUSSELL, her impromptu latest affection who kindle the realization of her passionate re-occurring dream; plus her sexual awakening. Shot of Love; they`re everything dying to get your manpower on their manpower on it.

Dope (2004)
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