Divided We Stand (2000)

Director : Jaxon Ronin Jarrod
Genre : Drama
Cast : Jaxon Ronin Jarrod as Troy Jefferson (as Jaxon Ronin), Andrea L. Andrade as Jennice Green (as Andrea Lia), Crayton Robey as Jarib Prescott Sahr Ali as Celeste McGovern (as Mahasin Ali), Steven Amato as Michael, Al Croseri as Braniac, A.E. Fletcher as Prof. Senatta, Lea Franklin as Dawn Alushin, Dell Hallman as Godfrey Renquist, Lia Johnson as Rachel, John Sloan as Barry Mitchell
Run Time : 90 min
Filming Locations : New York City, New York, USA
Country : USA
Language :
A rape accusation opposed to the president of a student opinionated coalition brings drive to its members.
Estate University`s Black Student Coalition (BSC) has been profoundly helpful inside its acquisitions given that its African-American student body. But once a rape illness is levied opposed to Jarib, its charismatic president, the BSC spirals into a tailspin. The legal responsibility of verification falls to Troy, its vice-president, shredded between his loyalty to his counselor & president, with his friendship as well as the imagined rape victim. But once secrets develop into exposed, how far away will the BSC`s militant arm go away to claim the veil of secrecy? It`s a cleaving queue few are enthusiastic to cross.
In this fairy-tale of power, race plus corruption, Jennice Green, a impractical freshman on a New York college campus, is trapped to congregate a militant Black Political Action Group (BSC). When she is purportedly raped by Jarib, the group`s leader, tensions mount since she becomes entangled inside counterfeit accusations. Now Troy, a adored member of the group, is faced also a demanding decision: should he establish the fact plus hazard revealing the corruption producing the BSC`s knocking down or stay non violent freeing the men he felt were his friends bask in prosecution?

Divided We Stand (2000)
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