Distant (2002)

Director : Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Genre : Drama
Cast : Muzaffer özdemir as Mahmut, Emin Toprak as Yusuf (as Mehmet Emin Toprak), Zuhal Gencer as Nazan (as Zuhal Gencer Erkaya), Nazan Kirilmis as Lover, Feridun Koc as Janitor (as Feridun Koç), Fatma Ceylan as Mother, Ebru Ceylan (as Ebru Yapici), Bahaltin Surler (as Bahattin Serter), Nazli Aydin, Engin Hepsev, Ercan Kesal, Asli Orhun, Ahmet Bugay, Arif Asçi, Cemal Gülas, Ahmet özyurt, Erhan Ersoy, Hakan Kuldan, Ayhan Ergürsel
Run Time : 110 min
Filming Locations : Istanbul, Turkey
Country : Turkey
Language : Turkish
Mahmut, a 40 per annum mature autonomous photographer, is a “village boy envisioned good” in any case powerfully inside the hefty city – Istanbul inside this case…
Mahmut, a 40 per annum ancient self sustaining photographer, is a "village boy designed good" as a minimum efficiently inside the large city – Istanbul inside this case. After his mate vegetation him, he falls into an existential crisis. Then comes his blood brother Yusuf, who vanished his native village behind a local factory closed down, profitably unemploying way over half the local men. He appears to Istanbul given that salvation: a career on board a bring sailing abroad, right away bold furthermore necessary to obliging his rank inside the desperately homeless village. The span between the two citizenry is marked at once, furthermore becomes leisurely pronounced. Whereas Mahmut is adusted to large city existence furthermore suffers bask in immeasurable of its neuroses, Yusuf is a lonely, excentric countryside staff along furthermore exasperating uneasy furthermore hygienic habits, furthermore a nauseating mum get wedged inside with house he must one road or the other support. This in depth data about drama was filmed inside the director`s cubicle inside Istanbul, by road of the entirety his furniture, appliances, rooms, motorized vehicle furthermore therefore on since the film`s props. The artist fiddling Yusuf is in reality the director`s real-life cousin, furthermore the artist fiddling Mahmut is an factual friend, a non-professional actor.

Distant (2002)
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