Disclosed Minds (2013)

Director : Mark DeBoer
Genre : Drama, Romance, Thriller
Cast : Gregory Rencken as Bully 1 (Carl), Anne Gentry as Chapel Receptionist, Brandon Dorssom as Teen James Crawford, Brenda Johnson as Michelle Crawford, Rob Edwards as Brandiess Hill, Bill Wetherill as Detective Parker, Kim Rini as Sammi Joe Mitchell, Mark DeBoer as James Crawford, Kyswan Diggs as Bully 2 (Terry), Matt Derdivanis as Nathan Gore, Steve Wilson as Neil Harris, Greg Warner as Detective Spears, Sean Worsley as Bully 3, Christiano Smith as Leon Matthews, Jesiah Colt Sydow as Young James Crawford, Susie Krueger, Kimberly Peterson as Lauren Brackley-Guiterrez, Kraymer Johnson as Teen Michelle Crawford, Kyoko Kawasaki as Intake Officer, Frank Macauda as Vegas Minister, Freddy Johnson Jr. as Tyler Guiterrez, Gary Herkimer as Jack Crawford, Savannah Brown as Pedestrian, Katriona Carlee Sydow as Kimberly Guiterrez, Melissa Straub as Patricia Brackley
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Language : English
Lauren awakes on her marriage daytime delight in a appalling premonition that forces her to correct the road of events. Secrets ensue furthermore friendliness wavers since she struggles to until the mortals she enjoys delight in James Crawford, a murderer.

Disclosed Minds (2013)
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