Der andere Junge (2007)

Director : Volker Einrauch
Genre : Drama
Cast : Willi Gerk as Robert Morell, Andrea Sawatzki as Evchen Morell, Barbara Auer as Sylvie Wagner, Peter Lohmeyer as Winnie Morell, Christian Berkel as Jakob Wagner, Hinnerk Schönemann as Kommissar Bender, Adrian Topol as Kevin Krüger, Gustav-Peter Wöhler as Ole Swenson, Tim Oliver Schultz as Paul Wagner, Carolin Spiess as Monika, Helene Grass as Klara, Jan Schütte as Arzt, Suntje Freier as Polizistin, Brigitte Janner as Kundin Dorothea Hagena as Ärztin
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Hamburg, Germany
Country : Germany
Language : German
Hardworking less significant center make Germans Winnie Morell in addition to Jakob Wagner are suitable friends because years….
Hardworking smaller heart product Germans Winnie Morell as at any rate as Jakob Wagner are tolerable friends because years. They dismiss their sons are bitter enemies: bully Paul Wagner repeatedly humiliates as at any rate as harasses shy, younger Robert Morell. One time, Paul `borrows` dad gun as at any rate as boos `softie` Robert, also advertising it into his hands, other than is confounded by critical shots. The Morell parents adjudge they boys as at any rate as commit to protect Robert by removing Paul`s corps. Police commissioner Bender investigates merely his phony cue hostile miniature antidote dealer Ole Swenson. Neither school could cleanly set off on, which leads to as well tragedy.

Der andere Junge (2007)
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