Deliverance (2013)

Director : Sergey Kuznetsov
Genre : Drama
Cast : Veronika Vernadskaya, Lesha Onezhin, Marina Vaynbrand, Andrey Fekhretdinov Directed by Sergey Kuznetsov Fluza Farkhshatova as. producer Vladislav Ogay as. producer Aleksander Plotnikov as. producer Cinematography by Dmitry Rakov Mashulya Kozlova Runtime:64 min Country : Russia Language : Russian Color : Color
Run Time : 64 min
Country : Russia
Language : Russian
A adolescent woman wakes wide awake inside a morgue. He is naked, he doesn`t savvy he received there, but, numerous importantly…
A teen lady wakes wakeful inside a morgue. He is naked, he doesn`t skills he got suit of there, but, more or less importantly, he realizes not take into consideration who he is. He keeps on achieving strewn flashes, that don`t fashion wakeful a choked picture, also his vitality inside the universe resembles a nightmare – a detention center that is insufferable to run off from. But is this detention center actual or is it other than a figment of his imagination?

Deliverance (2013)
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