Decker`s Dead (2010)

Genre : Drama
Cast : Chis Aron as Chris, Mark Charles Berlin as Nate, Mark Born as Drug Dealer, Luke H. Chittick as Luc, Nancy P. Corbo as Jaime, Amy Jones as Sarah, Lauren L. Lawson as Carrie, Pia Neighbors as Girl in Alley, Rob Neighbors as Bud, Steve Quimby as Decker, Bud Samuels as Narrator, Amanda Weber as Delivery Girl
Run Time : 105 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Could there troth a more adept location to go on a spree America`s independence than two blocks like the coast inside an idyllic California coast town…
Could there engagement a improved vicinity to have a ball America`s independence than two blocks cherish the shore inside an idyllic California shore town? The population of lone place intricate are having a middle of the night on the tiles firm – most likely more than usually hard. Four varying dramas unfold – the stories are well-advised by four varying writer/directors, on the abundant hand each tale has lone craze inside common: the neighbor cherish hell – Don Decker. It is the Fourth of July plus fireworks fly. Decker pushes each his neighbors to their deepest limits, plus who is eventually sensible once Decker finishes up dead?

Decker`s Dead (2010)
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