Dead Frequency (2010)

Director : Rob Burrows
Genre : Drama, Horror, Romance
Cast : Stephen Mason as Sam Stuart, Michaela Marshall as Emily Jasper, Cheryl Moody as Jenny, Faye Ormston as Diane, Simon Hodgson as Kevin, Robin Bayne as Wayne, Roger Bowmer as Father Matthews, Rob Burrows as Mr. Clarkson, Michael Barrell as Sgt. Handyside, Melanie Dagg as Jess Edwards, George Collings as Roger, Billie Anthony`Gaddess as Billy, Amy Ormston as Jogger, Ann Ridley as Pam, Denise Burrows as Woman in car park, Mark Burrows as Boy in Car Park, Hannah Galvin as Girl in Car Park, Kelsey Rushworth as Hoodie 1, Joshua Chadwick as Hoodie 2, Daniel Cawley as Hoodie 3, Natalie Edwards as Ann, June Chammish as Senior Citizen, Lee Sevenoaks as Late Show Technician, David Pratt as Market Tarder, Patrick Loughlin as Butcher, Andrew Allsopp as Roger`s Gang 4, Mary Howe as Gang member, Chris Wilkinson as Gang member, Gary Allsopp as Gang member, Mustapha Malki as Waiter, Sarah Waugh as Woman in Pub, Jack Daves as Man in Pub, Doris Blackburn as Woman in Cafe, Anita Sainsbury as Gang member, Rachael Hall as Girl in pub, Chris Wilkinson as Roger`s Gang 1
Plot : Sam Stuart (Mason) has to war and grief also Alcohol addiction, sec judging slurp his trade since a night-time radio set presenter…
Run Time : 98 min
Country : UK
Company : Solarus FIlms

Dead Frequency (2010)
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