Dark by Noon (2012)

Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Cast : Lesa Thurman as Heinkle, Michael O`Flaherty as Pix, Anthony Murphy as Haycock, Patrick Buchanan as Rez, Grace Kelley as Newsreader, Sorcha Herlihy, Robert O`Connor as Card player, Tim Dillard as Al Jabbi, Raymond S. Kinsella as Gangster, Shane Thomas Whisker, Michael O`Flaherty
Run Time : 96 min
Filming Locations : Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
Country : Ireland
Language : English
This time-travel thriller is group inside an stand-in time, a real world where earlier period has displayed differently…
This time-travel thriller is pool inside an substitute time, a real world where times of yore has displayed differently. Rez played by Patrick Buchanan (Belfast Story) engrossed his mate sometime inside the past. Now heist a woman alone by society, excluding he possesses a gift: the faultless photographic memory, excluding creating faultless bring to mind isn`t the entirety it`s exploded wakeful to be. A confidential government company headed by Rez`s older teacher Haycock – played by Anthony Murphy (Charlie Casanova, Dawn of the Dragonslayer) has stolen a apparatus talked to `Titus`; a apparatus that has the skill to send somebody eight hours into the future, excluding hardly as a express period. The organisation is earning millions by recording looming information of the carry market, heisting the coming about eight hours at a time. One daylight Rez leaps oil the wheels of inside long mode away as in any case as witnesses a nuclear explosion. As he jumps oblige to his own time-line, time commence to spiral out of dominate because he hardly has eight hours to ascertain the cause, until his estranged baby girl as in any case as a city, nescient it`s on the snapping point of troth destroyed.
Having a exact memory isn`t the entire lot its exploded unsleeping to troth because Rez. But a secretive semi government range headed unsleeping by his older wise person demand him. Heisting the on the way 8 hours at a epochs of time Haycock demand Rez because his really extraordinary skills. But while they weigh up they taste 8 hours to curtail or push aside a possibilities catastrophe. Rez knows he might bring to a standstill this. He prior to now abandoned a mate performing because Haycock inside past. Now he must until his baby girl also a city uninformed its on the verge of collapse of troth destroyed.

Dark by Noon (2012)
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