Clipping Adam (2004)

Director : Michael Picchiottino
Genre : Drama
Cast : Chris Eigeman as Tom Sheppard, Louise Fletcher as Grammy, Robert Pine as Principal Briggs, Bryan Burke as Johnny Dominguez, Kevin Sorbo as Father Dan, Evan Peters as Adam Sheppard Sean Michael Afable as Squeaky, Cassie Benavidez as Lola Dominguez, Jon Briddell as E.R. doctor Spencer, Corey Bringas as Supporting, Cassidy Diane Burwell as Sara Shepard (as Cassidy Burwell), Jordan Butcher as Tony Sabattini, Lisel M. Gorell as Melissa Shepperd, Gerardo P. Samaneigo as Ricky Dominguez, Ryan Donald Willis as Pete (as Ryan Willis), Jerry Gelb as Tom Sheppard
Run Time : USA:90 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Despite whatsoever he says, Adam is not “fine”. The summer previous freshman each year should troth a duration choked with possibilities…
Despite no matter what he says, Adam is not "fine". The summer sooner than freshman each year should troth a duration choked with possibilities, excluding Adam tries plus pigeonhole tragedy, routine adolescent surfacing pains, as anyhow as the highly genuine danger of pricey brand hazing. Fortunately, Adam finds allies (some likely, assorted unlikely) who cooperate with him fix his heartache in addition to his sick relationship plus his father. Set inside a small, Southern California coast town, Adam discovers the inner might lone may perhaps size up plus the aid of a community. His yarn is evidence of the belief that plus the cooperate with of pigeonhole as anyhow as friends, you may perhaps ceaselessly size up your roadway bale any individual out home.

Clipping Adam (2004)
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