Chasing the White Dragon (2008)

Director : Kathilynn Phillips
Genre : Drama
Cast : Ryan Kennedy as Ethan, Kree Harrison as Jasmine, Preston Vanderslice as Jesse, Learyn Wilde as Lindsay, Matt Kimbrough as Tucker Lee / Rud, Amanda Ward as Paulina, Austin Haley as Det. Denny McAfee, Johnny McPhail as Det. Sam Carlton, Cesar Giraldo as Raul, Ruth Davidson as Sarah McAfee, Samantha Welch as Brianne, Jan Falk as Judy Butler, Jeff Rust as Bubby, Helen Bowman as Grandmother Coast, Seth Renick as Henchman, Krista Tutor as Rosa, Mark Davidson as Detective #1, Jay Happy Mcdonald as Rehab Patient #1, Daniel Hartley as Micky Redwine, Clay Hassell as John, Wil Masisak as Farmer
Plot : Six minute town natures are wedged inside the nightmare of sparkling methamphetamine addiction along with each must variety the judgment to flee the nightmare prior their universe implodes.
Run Time : 95 min
Country : USA
Company : Kat Scratch Films

Chasing the White Dragon (2008)
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